Skyrocket Your Business With Google Traffic

our successful 5-step process to drive clicks, calls and sales from search engines to your business presented below

  • 1. COMPETITOR ANALYSISWe compile a report showing you exactly what your competitors are doing to steal your customers.
  • 2. PICK SELLING KEYWORDSWe compile a marketing plan that defines your target audience, their interests and the pain points as well as actionable steps you can take to achieve your business goals.
  • 3. ADAPT YOUR WEBSITEIf you already have a website we’ll adapt it to align with our promotion strategy. If you don’t have a website, we will create one for you that search engines will love.
  • 4. PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESSWe implement our most successful strategies to drive quality traffic to your website so that you can achieve a noticeable ROI in a short period of time.
  • 5. IMPROVE CONVERSION RATEWe analyse the traffic your site gets to ensure that we target the right people and the best keywords. After that we run A/B testing on your sales pages to optimize and improve your conversion rate.

Our undivided attention will be focused on sales growth for your products or services.

More Clients  More Orders More Profits
– It’s Time To Stop Losing Customers To Your Competition –

bogdan ghelmegeanu

At Rank Impact we focus on making companies more money. After all, what really matters isn’t how nice your website looks or how many new links you get per month. It’s about how much profit you make after we implement our successful marketing strategy.

Bogdan Ghelmegeanu,
SEO Strategist & Founder


Rank Impact provides excellent online consulting services to help businesses grow. If you get the opportunity to work with them do not pass it up.

Ethan Petroka

I used Rank Impact for various SEO projects. They have great knowledge of the industry, always stays updated on the latest SEO techniques and always increased monthly unique users to the sites by a very large amount on every project. I continue this day to use Rank Impact and highly recommend them in any SEO project you may have.

Damien Rozan

Bogdan Ghelmegeanu is a smart, professional and highly efficient consultant when it comes to SEO. He recently helped me with a very important project that now is generating revenue only because he was able to get me on the first page of Google. I value his advice and if you get a change to work with him, I am sure you will become successful like I did.

Andreea Frincu

Bogdan is an expert in getting websites to rank on page one of Google. I highly recommend him and look forward to work with his agency again in the future.

Pranaav Udaikumar

Let's talk about ROI

How much bang do you get for your buck? If you knew for certain that every time you spent $10 on marketing that it generated $15 in profit how much money would you spend? As much as you could, right? Ten bucks in for fifteen out means you’ve got a 50% return on your investment and you’ll take that deal all day! Measuring and predicting that ROI can be a little more challenging, especially in the online space.

Baseline – we measure and analyse the current traffic to your site and see at what rate it currently converts into sales. Based on the amount of traffic and the conversion rate we can calculate how much revenue on average each visitor to your website represents to your business.

Set a goal – considering the amount of business you currently get we help you determine a realistic revenue goal that you’d like to achieve.

Quantify – now that we know how many dollars per website visitor you currently get as well as the sales target you’re after we can quantify how much traffic you need to get to your site in order to reach that goal.

Run a campaign – based on the projections above we design an SEO campaign to reach your traffic goal. We design the campaign in such a way that the amount you spend is always less than the amount of revenue you generate. Once we hit your revenue goal we re-evaluate your goal and scale up.

Once you have a good idea of how much money you spend to get a visitor to your website and how much revenue that visitor represents then things get easy. We can help you get this insight into your current online business. We’ll align our SEO strategy to help you achieve a positive ROI so that your marketing spend achieves the revenue goals you’re after.

How We Help Businesses

  • Develop an online marketing strategy that works for you.
  • Get more visitors to your website and turn them into paying customers
  • Build your brand by improving your online reputation.
  • Generate a positive ROI off every marketing dollar you spend.
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“Set a goal to achieve something that is so big. So exhilarating that it excites you and scares you at the same time.” Bob Proctor

Why Choose Us?

  • Profits. Not Promises.
  • 100% Transparency
  • 95% Client Retention Rate
  • 100% Of Clients On Page 1 Of Google
  • Measurable Results & Monthly Reports
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • We simplify things, we don't try to confuse you
  • In-house experts + outside partners
  • Long-Term Relationship Focus
  • Custom strategy for your business