Online Reputation Management

A successful business is built on trust. The internet and social media can be a great marketing tool but a few false accusations or petty complaints can quickly damage both your online and offline reputation.

Potential customers will often research your company online before deciding to do business with you or not. Online reputation management is all about making sure that when people research your company they get the true reflection of who you are.

Google is the primary research tool they’ll use and we have great strategies to ensure that what people see places your brand in a positive light.

The problem with Google is that it doesn’t distinguish between what’s true or not. If someone posts an unfair review or makes negative comments these can easily end up on page 1 of Google where they’ll be seen by your potential customer. This is how we can fix that:

  • We’re sure there are great positive stories online about your company too. We make sure that these articles, comments and reviews are pushed up in Google’s search results.
  • We target the negative reviews and comments and use proven strategies to push these further down in Google’s results where your potential customer won’t see them.
  • We help you create positive content related to your brand and release it strategically to influential websites that will boost your online reputation.

There’s no need to let malicious and false stories damage your brand. We can help you take back control of your reputation so that people see your company in the positive light that it deserves. We’ll help you maximize your online presence, get great reviews from the most influential websites and leverage the power of social media to solidify your reputation.