SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, relates to everything that happens on and off your website to make sure that search engines love your website. When your potential customer searches for a product or service that you supply you want to be sure that your website pops up on page 1. Is your website on page 2 or 3? That’s the search engine wilderness where businesses go to die. In fact, just being on page 1 of Google isn’t enough. If you’re not near the top of page 1 you’re not going to get the results you’re after. The graphic below shows why this is so important.


It’s all about click through rate. If you’re congratulating yourself for being on page 1 at position number 10 you’re missing the point. Your website will get five times less traffic there than your competitor does at position 1. Five times less traffic means five times less sales. The jump in click through rate as you move up the page is dramatic. If we moved your business up from position 5 to position three that could double your business! Sound good? We thought so. So how do we do it?

Without getting too technical it essentially comes down to factors that we optimize both on your website an off it.

Onsite – We make sure that the way the content on your website is presented makes it easy for search engines like Google to understand exactly what your site is about. We do this by tweaking your current content and even creating new content that targets keywords that your potential customers are searching for.

Offsite – Being popular on Google is like being popular at school. If the coolest kid at school thinks you’re hot stuff then the other kids will think so too. When other reputable websites are talking about and linking to your site then Google notices. Hey, if all these other sites are talking about your website then it must be pretty important, right? Up you go to the top of the page. We know how to make that happen.

We do both general SEO as well as local SEO. If you offer a service that isn’t location specific then the general SEO principles we employ will make sure that wherever your customers may be they’ll find your website when they’re searching for a service or product you provide.

More and more people are searching for service providers that are near to them. If you’re looking for a plumber then you want the closest one to you, right? If you’re a plumber wanting that business you can be sure that there are 50 other plumbers in your area that also want it. So who gets the job? The best guy? The cheapest guy? Nope. The guy whose website and contact details pop up first on Google.

We make sure that when people search for a service you provide in areas you target that your website comes up ahead of your competitors. We’ll make sure that your contact details, map location and other relevant info is presented at the top of Google’s search results so that you get that call.

Have you got a great product or service? Great! Now let’s make sure that your customers can find you online.